Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a Start!!

Well, though some of us may have liked the season to start a little sooner, the K-Factor released its fury for all to enjoy. We've been open for two weeks now and have seen nearly 15 feet of snow in that time allowing us to open the entire mountain. Not to be outdone by the sheer volume of snow, the quality has been epic! 20 year pass holders are astonished at how dry the powder is and are quick to boast about there best day ever at Kirkwood! Rosy snow sprayed cheeks accompanied by ear to ear perma-grins have taken over, lifting the overall Kirkwood experience to new highs! Forecasts for the next week aren't offering much more snow with just a chance for an inch or two every couple days. Mild temperatures and relatively calm winds offer a great opportunity too get out and ski or ride with the family before heading back to the grind at the end of the holiday season.